Amazing championship!

Our legendary tennis coaches teaching our star players!

Our legendary tennis coaches teaching our star players!

When to start getting into tennis? At 5ets we have a range of program's and modifications to suit all players of any ages and standards. Incorporating Hot Shots into our tennis program's allows children to start as early as 4 years old. This is a great way to build their hand eye coordination, fundamental motor skills, movement, team work, adapting to different skills, drills and social formats. With our engaging and encouraging coaches helping the players to explore tennis it's no wonder they quickly develop a love for the sport. 

Rain, rain

The hard challenge for tennis players is that the sport is based outside so when it's raining what to do? There are so many off court drills and skills that will help improve your tennis when it's too wet outside. To improve the 5 elements: physical - skipping, footwork drills, weight training, core exercises, stretching, sleeping, hand eye drills

Technical - grip and swing review, watching YouTube on areas to improve, 

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